Week 6 – Week 16


  • Write a five-page research paper, with an additional page listing sources (bibliography).
  • Create a Research Notebook. See “RESEARCH PAPER DEADLINES” below.
  • Briefly present your findings to the class or a group.

Supplemental Assignment: Check out 1984 by George Orwell, figure out a reading calendar for yourself, and read the entire book. It will take you between 10 – 20 total hours. You have up to seven weeks to read it. We will begin assignments for it on Dec 1.


  1. Follow your bliss.
  2. Be intentional in your relationships. (With your family, your friends—and who you choose as friends, your money, your education, your learning, your goals/future, etc.)
  3. Back up your assertions.
  4. CCSS W.1.
  5. CCSS W.7.
  6. CCSS W.10.

Pssst. Did you notice that the first three standards are our “30-Year Standards”?

1.3 FAQs

Q: How will I do this?!
A: The same way you do anything: step by step.

Q: How will I get five pages?!
A: Easy. One page at a time. Try this: set a timer and work on your research for 30 minutes. Follow the steps (See 1.7).

Q: What topic/issue should I research?
A: An issue that matters to you. I.e.: if you’ve witnessed/experienced a difficult divorce, you might choose “The effects of divorce”.
A: An issue that you think is important for people to know/talk about. I.e.: “Poverty in Oregon”
A: An issue from the list at: http://westsalemhigh.com/ > Library > Online Databases > Gale Databases > Opposing Viewpoints
A: Remember: it needs to be an issue, not just a topic. I.e.: if you chose “Motorcycles”, you’d need to find an issue in that topic. For example: “Motorcycles can solve our traffic problems and oil-dependancy”.

Q: Where do I look for articles?
A: http://westsalemhigh.com/ > Library > Online Databases > Gale Databases -or- EBSCO
Q: Can I look elsewhere?
A: Not until you’ve thoroughly searched those databases.

Q: How much time do I have for this assignment? When are the pieces due?
A: Great question. It’s all in the “Research Paper Deadlines” document below.

1.4 RESEARCH PROPOSAL (Write your answers to these six questions. Put this in your Notebook. See Notebook details in 1.6)

  1. When did you first become passionate about this?
  2. What do you already know about it?
  3. Where/how did you learn about it?
  4. Write five questions about it.
  5. What do you want to say about it?
  6. Why does it matter (to you or everyone)?

You will likely find your thesis (the point you want to make) after you do some research.
In the document linked below, do the first four, numbered steps. If you need more help creating your thesis or want to look more closely at it, use the rest of the document. Add your work to your Notebook.

Google doc -or- pdf


Download: Word doc or pdf
Eng 12 - Research Project Deadlines


Download: Word doc or pdf



  • Scoring Guide (Five categories, max. score of 4 in each. Last category is specific to speaking) (Word doc) (pdf)
  • What to present:
    • You may present your entire paper. Just read the whole thing… keeping the Presentation Scoring from the above Guide in mind (see the last column of the Scoring Guide).
    • Or you may read a written summary. Do not get up and try to summarize on the fly. That is not presenting. Keep the last column of the Scoring Guide in mind.
    • Or you may read one or more sections of your paper. For example, the Intro and the Conclusion. Make sure you present in a way that will make the last column of the Scoring Guide proud.
  • Tips for Presenting (by Seth Godin)

1.10 REFLECTION (After entire project complete. Write in complete sentences.)

  1. What did you learn from doing the assignments? (specific list)
  2. What was the process you followed (“Fly on the wall”): gathering data, drafting, collaborating, revising
  3. What sections are you particularly proud of? Why?
  4. What sections did you have difficulty with? Why? How did you solve the difficulties?

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