Monday, Oct 6, 2014

Your four tasks for today:

  1. Pick an issue from your list to research and write about… if you have not picked one already. (See your work from Friday)
  2. Freewrite. You can write about “What’s on your mind?” Or on “The Art of Learning”. Remember: Write without stopping. Fill one side of a page.
  3. Reflect on your “Position Paper” by writing a letter to me (Mr. Huhn) that answers these questions:
    1. What did you learn from doing the assignments? (specific list)
    2. What was the process you followed (“Fly on the wall”)?
    3. What sections or aspects are you particularly proud of? Why?
    4. What sections or aspects did you have difficulty with? Why? How did you solve the difficulties?
  4. Start Vocab #5. Hint: the last five “Words of the Day” are listed in the right side of this site. (Archive is here.)

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