This is Water


1. Answer the Pre-reading questions. The Reading Notes
Read and listen to the greatest commencement speech ever. The text (google doc). The audio. Pausing 5 times to take notes.
Answer the “After Reading’ question.
(This completes the “Notes” piece of the assignment.)


2. Complete The Expanded Notes assignment.


3. Read and listen to the second greatest commencement speech ever. The textThe video.


3 (cont.) Compare both the style and message of the two speeches, using at least one quote from each. Consider: how will you format this? (T-chart? Essay? Bulleted list?)


4. Write a commencement speech of your own. This is a chance to put a ton of thinking/writing skills together.
Consider: Will you give advice? Tell a story (or several stories)? Will you use a style that fits you, or fits the audience? (I recommend: you.) Will your message be what you learned, or what you think the audience should learn? (I recommend: you.) How long will your speech be? (DFW = 22:00, 3800 words. Steve Jobs = 15:00, 2200 words. I recommend: 5:00, 700 words). Will you deliver, or publish, the speech?

Deliver your speech in groups of 2-3.

Turn in all four pieces together, in order. Due: end of class on Monday, May 19.


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