Position Paper

What you will turn in, attached together:

  • Your Position Paper. Requirements:
  • Bibliography page
  • Mind-map
  • The four tasks for two articles.


  1. Pick a topic, and read the provided articles:
    1. “The Health Risks of Obesity Have Been Exaggerated” -vs- “Obesity Poses a Serious Health Problem”
    2. “Cell Phone Use is a Danger to Others”, “States Should Try to Curb Teen Texting and Driving”, -vs- “Cell Phone Use While Driving May Not Always Pose a Danger”
    3. “A Curse of Diabetes Becomes a Blessing” -vs- “The Culture War On Diabetes”
  2. Complete the four tasks for the two provided articles. (List of Organization Patterns/Modes)
  3. Find one additional article. At Gale Databases. (Secondary access to Gale.)
  4. Make a bibliography page. (Guidelines with examples. Sample)
  5. Make a Mind-map.
  6. Write the paper, following the outline.

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